News from Vitalis Serete

Dear Virginia, Jennifer,
get much greetings from St.Lazarus. We have started the year well. Last year national exam (K.C.P.E) our first candidate got 386 marks out of 500 marks.
We have many challenges this year which needs your urgent help.
Schulkinder mit Banner im September 2011 / Pupils with a banner in September 2011

We need more teaching materials e.g (chalks, books, pens, pencils,papers, charts, wall maps) which amount to Ksh 40,000
Teachers‘ salaries.Our last year contribution was not enough to pay the teachers‘ salaries and our building rent
We have last year rent arrears of four (4) months ( September, October, November, December 2013)

So we need your quick help of any amount that you can be blessed with and if you may find any chalks and writing materials, you can send it to us.
For anything, post it to Postbank and we will send back the receipts.
Last time I sent you pictures of the most vulnerable children to help us find somebody willing to sponsor them, but we did not hear from you.
God bless you.
Vitalis Serete