Greetings from St. Lazarus School

We are still struggling.  The school now is in August holiday break until September 2nd 2014.  Which is one week from now. We had promised the A.C.K  church priest, where we have
been using the church building for our classes  that we will move out by the 1st September 2014.  However, we have not yet raised enough funds to pay the rent for the new building.

That is why we are appealing to you for help.

Celine Atieno is now in the fifth grade (Standard five).  She is doing well in her studies.  Last term she was on the 5th position out of 21 pupils in her grade.  She has been visiting Kenyatta National Hospital for her eye clinic.  The eye check is ksh 800 and a bus fare of ksh 400 for her and the person who takes her to the hospital everytime from Kayole to hospital and back.
The doctor said that she needs an urgent eye operation to correct her worsening eye sight at the cost of ksh 28,000.  If we get this much, we shall be able to book for the operation date during her next clinic visit on Tuesday 26th August 2014.  The school has no this much money for now.  That is why we request you to kindly assist us to help this young girl not to loose her eye sight completely.